Task 50
Task 50
SHC Task 50

Advanced Lighting for Retrofitting Buildings

3rd Industry Workshop

March 10, 2014 - Bartenbach GmbH, Rinner Str. 14, 6071 Aldrans, Östereich, Innsbruck, Austria

Retrofitting of Lighting Solutions in Non-Residential Buildings

Lighting accounts for approx. 19 % (~3000 TWh) of the global electric energy consumption. Without essential changes in policies, markets and practical implementations it is expected to continuously grow despite significant and rapid technical improvements like solid-state lighting, new facade and light management techniques. 

With a small volume of new buildings, major lighting energy savings can only be realized by retrofitting the existing building stock. Many countries face the same situation: About 75 % of the lighting installations are considered to be out of date (older than 25 years). Compared to existing installations, the majority of new solutions allow a significant increase in efficiency – easily by a factor of three or more – going along with highly interesting payback times. However, lighting refurbishments are still lagging behind compared to what is economically and technically possible and feasible. 

Task 50 targets building owners (investors), authorities, industry and consultants by providing strategic, technical and economic information and by supporting stakeholders overcome barriers in retrofitting lighting installations. The overall objective of this Task is thus to accelerate retrofitting of daylighting and electric lighting solutions in the non-domestic
sector using cost-effective, best practice approaches, which can be used on a wide range of typical existing buildings.

The scope of Task 50 is on general lighting systems for indoor environments. The focus is on lighting appliances in non-domestic buildings. Technically, Task 50 addresses daylight utilization through better facade/roof technologies and architectural solutions, electric lighting schemes as well as lighting control systems and strategies.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Task experts will inform about general lighting retrofit issues and possible solutions
  • General experience exchange between industry and research
  • Obtain feedback from industry and learn about practitioners’ needs, for successful continuation of the work within IEA SHC Task 50

Agenda (Presentations available when underlined)

9:00-9:15   Welcome and coffee

Advanced lighting solutions for retrofitting buildings: Introducing IEA SHC Task 50
Jan de Boer, Fraunhofer-IBP, Germany

Replacement of T8 luminaires with an ergonomic LED solution (using the example of a classroom lighting)
Hans Laschefski, ALANOD GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Daylight Systems – Required components of integrated light solutions
Klaus Buntkiel-Kuck, Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH, Germany

Approaches for monitoring protocols and their practical relevance
Niko Gentile, Lund University, Sweden

Energetic Refurbishment of the "Berufsgenossenschaft Augsburg"
Helmut Guggenbichler, Bartenbach GmbH, Austria

10:45-11:00 Coffee break

Lighting systems and retrofit potentials based on a detailed assessment of 25 existing buildings
Anna Hoier, Fraunhofer-IBP, Germany

Improved lighting quality by sustainable LED solutions in industry lighting
Oliver Ebert, Zumtobel Lighting GmbH, Austria

Integrated lighting solutions as component of a holistic building automation
Christian Pillwein, Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Austria

12:00-12:30 Panel discussion (Chair: J. de Boer, W. Pohl)

H.Laschefski, K.Buntkiel-Kuck, O.Ebert, C.Pillwein, M.-C. Duboi, M. Knoop, B. Paule, M. Fontoynont

12:30-13:30 Lunch

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David Geisler-Moroder  or Wilfried Pohl
Bartenbach GmbH
Rinner Strasse 14
A - 6071 Aldrans